JET (Journal of English Teaching)

English Language Education (ELE) UKI

JET is a tri-annual refereed journal featuring original articles on a wide range of topics on the teaching English. It is published by the English Department of Universitas Kristen Indonesia Jakarta every February, June, and October each year.

First published in 2011, JET aims:

  1. To cover the field of teaching the English and to provide a medium for the scholar, and the practitioners of English teaching in which it is taught and learned as a second or foreign language all over the world.
  2. To be one of the world leading forums for exchanging ideas and disseminating information on good practices within English Education from diverse fields;
  3. To strengthen and broaden the network of English language teachers and all those involved in the English language teaching sector in the world;
  4. To increase the links between the English language teachers communities
  5. To highlight research in the fields of…

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